Our Mission

SwordHolder Productions is a non-profit production and theater company founded by myself and my creative mates, Kelly Lynn Noll and Amey Leigh Wrenn. We formed the company to give us and other artists a platform to share art and create works that raise awareness to incite change on social-justice issues facing varying communities at home and around the world. Our slogan is "Make Art Active!" 

We believe that art is a powerful tool of non-violence that can create and spread massive change for the benefit of our communities and citizens of the world, as history has proven to be true. We aim to collaborate with artists of all different backgrounds, producing thought provoking art and projects that challenge the status quo. We aim to eventually work with the United Nations one day.

What does "Sword Holder" stand for?

We came up with the name "SwordHolder," while researching vagina facts for a fun promotional video we were making for "The Vagina Monologues" production. We found out that "vagina" in Latin is another word for sheath, scabbard or sword-holder. This fact really stuck out in our heads and came to us with such ease when we deliberated names for our company. Our logo: the silhouette of a woman holding a shield and sword, which together creates the peace sign, represents strength, protection, womanhood and peace.

We hope that our artistic vision inspires people to stand strong on social justice issues, protect the basic rights of humanity and values of femininity and promote peace.

Let's rise together.
Vanessa, Kelly and Amey
SwordHolder Productions