A New Dawn

Ni Hao!

Welcome to my new blog, Swift Creation.
I have many ideas for this blog ... bear with me while I'm still airing out the details.

For the meantime, I will be posting my musings. writings. thoughts. adventures.

So far, there is a poetry page.
I am thinking of adding an acting page to chronicle my acting adventures in New York City!
I definitely want to add a food and adventure page.
And later, I want to debut my clothing and jewelry designs here.
And a special secret project might debut here as well...

Stay tuned! There are a lot of things happening in Vanessa-land.

This is better than Facebook.
but you can still like my FB Page -- http://www.facebook.com/bontea.vanessa

Would anyone like to see anything in particular?
if anyone is reading this ............ (crickets)