Vanessa Bontea

Vanessa is an American actress and host of mixed ethnicity; she’s half Singaporean Chinese and Hungarian. She grew up within the cultural crossroads of Queens, NY. Her exposure to so many perspectives in life informs a lot of her creative aspirations and work.

Vanessa received her degree in English and Theater from CUNY Queens College.

She’s also a martial artist following in the footsteps of her grandfather who taught Kung Fu in Hong Kong way before her time. She’s been studying various martial arts mainly for film/tv but also for personal enrichment.

When she isn’t acting, she’s writing. She has written every single morning in her journal for the past 7 years called “The Morning Pages” from Julia Cameron’s book, “The Artist Way.”

She recently wrapped on a short film coming out in May 2019 and you’ll catch her in some new ads online. She is also a producer with several projects now in post-prod including a feature film (“Mouse”) and a food/travel show she created, hosted and produced called (“Eats Meets West”) coming to a streaming platform later this year.

She is a strong believer of creating your own work and collaborating with your community. She loves the New York hustle. The ultimate foodie - make sure if you ever need a recommendation, you hit her up!