Okay, don't hurt me. I haven't updated for a while. 

(I don't know... does anyone read this? Lol) 
But it's all with good reason :) It's been a very busy year! Read on... 

This year, I went on a little adventure. I went to places I thought I'd never go! Places I couldn't even imagine! Okay, okay .. you guessed it. I fell into a Dr. Seuss book.... Or at least it felt like one! 2017 was a grand, colorful adventure. (The anxiety of normal life was still there, don't worry 😂).

This is quite a fleshy update.... but here goes. I'll just list the highlights :) 

  • In March of 2017, I co-wrote, directed, produced and acted in a comedy short called, "The Foursome," that I wrote with a dear friend of mine, Amanda Kendris (a super talented, beautiful actress and artist). What started out as a fun challenge turned into something greater. I didn't think I would be able to take on all these roles. It was exciting and scary. 

    So far, we have won best comedy in one film festival, received one best actor and have been finalists in the cinematography and comedy categories. Overall, we are at five official selections in film festivals! And this was the first thing I've ever written, directed and produced. Not too shabby eh?

    The female duo writing bug bit is apparently and up next, Amanda and I have planned a trip for the old city of Montreal at the end of October to work on our next collaboration: a feature film called, "HYPE."
Cast: Brett Davenport, Kyle Klaus, Amanda Kendris + Vanessa Lee  

Cast: Brett Davenport, Kyle Klaus, Amanda Kendris + Vanessa Lee  

  • In late 2016, I received an opportunity to produce and assistant direct a short documentary following a group of senior Chinese musicians giving their orchestral dreams another go. It's called, "The Hua Mei Orchestra." My friend and talented director, Adam Engel, brought his expertise as director and his production company, TangoLight Films, on-board and a magical work-lationship began. 

    We had our world premiere of the documentary at the inaugural Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema on August 6th, 2017. It was really special to get accepted into the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema because it's in my neighborhood! Literally a block away :) Thus far, we have been selected by  three other film festivals in the U.S. and Canada. And, we were a semi-finalist at The Atlanta Docufest.

You can watch the trailer below :) 

  • "The Hua Mei Orchestra" put into motion a string of projects that came after it where I would continue producing and assisting directing. It was a great opportunity to look behind the scenes and try out other roles in the industry. I give producers, line producers, assistant directors... etc... EVERYONE. Major Props 🙌🏼 Things may look easy on the outside, especially after seeing the finished product but it's A LOT of hard work and patience. And well... it was definitely worth it. I learned a lot of humbling lessons!

    In the Spring of 2017, blessings rained down on me and the crew again! I received an opportunity to produce and host my own food pilot! Many of you might not know this about me, but I am a HUGE foodie. My friends know that I am the one to call for restaurant recommendations, cheap eats and where to find the most authentic cuisines in New York City. My eyes are always peeled for the next best foodie pit stop. 

    The pilot of 12 episodes is in post-production now. Stay tuned :) Hopefully, I'll be announcing good news soon. 
Enjoying some churros with ice-cream at Sweet Churros in K-Town!  

Enjoying some churros with ice-cream at Sweet Churros in K-Town!  

  • CURRENTLY... I am on hiatus from a feature film called "Mouse." The first feature coming out of TangoLight Films . We filmed all of August 2017 and it was a thrilling experience. Remind me, I also need to catch up on sleep. Thanks.
    For this project, I also stayed on as producer and assistant director. The film is set for completion Summer 2018. It'll be coming to theaters near you!
Movie Logo  

Movie Logo  

Phew! Are your eyes exhausted yet?  

I'll leave everything here and bid you farewell. More updates to come. I plan on updating this more regularly now. 

Thank you for reading and going on the journey with me. If you've read this far, I will assume that you like what I have to say :) 

And I'm wishing you success on your own endeavors!

Give me a shout if you want to chat, collaborate, have a convo or want to ask me anything. I'm always down to meet new creative, like-minded people and artists dancing the same hustle :) 

xoxo, Vanessa