This month has been all about Brooklyn! 

I just started a new job in Brooklyn, been hanging out in Williamsburg ALOT + I guess that was the universe hinting at something.... because great news! I've just been cast in one of the lead roles for a new web-series called "Lifers" about 5 servers in a hip Brooklyn gastropub and the shenanigans that happens between. I play Julie, a sex-addicted and super competitive bee-yotch... with only the big-O on her mind. It's a streeeeeeetch. Or is it?

Here's a clip of me on set learning how to chug my first beer.. 

Production pics: 

Coming soon... can't wait to update more on it! 

June has been so good to me. I also just finished a weekend hosting workshop through NBC Universal and the ABFF (American Black Film Festival). What an honor to be one of the 20 selected out of 200+ applicants! 

Feeling extremely grateful over hea! xoxo V. 

"Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find treasure."