Sweet November Rain...

You know that Guns N' Roses song "November Rain" ? .... I listen to it every November 1st. A ritual I picked up from a very special group of people I met when I was a young teen vacationing in Singapore. 

And it's been literally and figuratively raining! We've been blessed with warm, rainy weather. I am one of those New Yorker's in support of prolonging winter as long as possible! 

It's also been raining amazing opportunities, friends, new faces, awards, love, support, wonderful sparkly unicorn blessings.... what? I don't know. But, my heart is full of love and gratitude for everything that has happened and all the wonderful people I've been meeting. 

I attended the 3rd annual Urban Action Showcase last weekend, a film festival and expo that celebrates the martial arts/action genre founded by my trainer, mentor and teacher Demetrius Angelo.

This year, we were honored to have in attendance great martial arts icons such as: James Lew, Keith Cooke, Vincent Lyn, Cary Tagawa, Bobby Samuels, Art Camacho and Taimak to name a few...

During the kick off presentation, I was surprised with the "Phoenix Rising Star" award which recognized my work with ASC Troopers Touch Entertainment as an actor, martial artist and collaborator. In a room full of icons... I could've melted. Major jaw drop moment and completely unexpected. I'm still wrapping my head around it. I've never won an award before! ... well not since taking third place at a french poetry contest in middle school... violà, la vie est belle. 

I'm extremely grateful and I dedicate it entirely to my grandfather, Leung, who gave me my first kung fu lesson, who I know is still here in spirit. 

I am inspired to work harder, be better and I know there is more to come. 

but most importantly, 

Thank YOU for supporting my journey.


My grandfather and I.