Literally and figuratively. 

I'm gearing up for NY Comic Con next week Oct 8-11 at booth #1879
Come visit if you will be around. I would love to catch up with people and see you! 

I will also be running an awesome contest to win a sweet prize at Comic Con, which I will be revealing in a day or two! See this year's poster image below. 

This month, I trained hard but still had time to be goofy.... 

I choreographed my first fight scene this month with my long time friend, Tanya, a very talented actress from Australia. That was so much fun and I cannot wait to show you guys! It's in post production being edited all the way in Perth, Australia. 

Some pics below from our shoots and training sessions... We were trying to be Rose and Jack in two pictures below because we had an awesome railing to re-enact that scene. That was before she choked me over it .... and I returned choked her over it... 

Updates on previous productions: 
The pilot of "Lifers" I filmed back in July is still in post-production. It will be screened very soon.
Tough Love Season 3 is nearing completion. I'm in episode 3. Stay tuned for those announcements as well. 

So many great and wonderful things have been happening. Many things are up in the air right now before they reach completion and sometimes, I hate to be in the space of "I don't know." But, many times in life... we try and know everything. It's also so much easier with technology too.

This month, I'd like to be in the mind set of "I don't know." There's a certain freedom to it don't you think? And I have an inkling... that's when the magic happens :)  

xoxo, Vanessa