Vanessa Bontea

Hello! Welcome to my little corner on the web. Thank you so much for being here.  

 I wanted this page to share things with you that you might not know by just looking at my résumé. My hopes are that after reading this little excerpt below, you actually do feel like you do know a little more “about me” :) 

 I was born and raised in the borough of Queens, NY (yup, that’s right don’t mess with me) where I got bit by the acting bug at 4 years old and I haven’t stopped talking into mirrors since. My wonderful life began shortly after my parents Irene and Vasilé met in a New York City taxi cab. My mom’s Singaporean Chinese; my dad’s Hungarian and they created the ethnically ambiguous face you see smiling at you over to the left. Cheese.

I began acting professionally in Singapore for several years as a child actor and those years really cemented my passion for it. I have my degree in Drama/Theater and English from Queens College. It was there I discovered theater and explored many different types of roles ranging from Pakeeza in Bogosian's Surburbia to Saint Monica in Guirgis' The Last Days of Judas Iscariot. I’m also a member of a ridiculously awesome non-profit theater company, Benefit of the Doubt !  

When I’m not acting … wait, who am I kidding? I’m always acting. The world’s a stage. #ListentoShakespeare. Well, when I am not pounding the NYC pavement, I enjoy submersing myself in books and writing. I’ve had my head stuck in a book ever since I could read and I was probably more excited about getting a library card than my driving permit. My passion runs deeper than having my face in a little box in someone’s home. I think to put it quite simply - I love storytelling.

Exercising the mind/body connection is also very important to me and that’s one of the reasons why you might find me going on long runs or practicing yoga and martial arts. My grandfather was a kung fu teacher and my continued studying of it is a personal homage to him. I also got into the practice of martial arts, especially for film, when I began working on a few independent action films here in New York City. Staying connected and finding balance in life isn’t easy but it’s worth it to work hard at it everyday.

This year, I look forward to reaching beyond my dreams and sharing my love with you all.


Xoxo, Vanessa